How to Prepare Your Home for a Quick Sale

How to Prepare Your Home for a Quick Sale

Many people agree that selling your house can be complex, frustrating, and time-consuming. Homes are, for many of us, the most valuable financial asset and investment we have, which means our house-selling needs careful attention. 

Even so, the reality is that the home selling process doesn’t have to be hard on you. As long as you prepare yourself in advance, you can have a relatively smooth experience with your property sale. To help you out, here’s a quick look at how you can prepare your house for a quick sale without overwhelming yourself:

6 Months Ahead of the Listing Date

Half a year provides you ample time to address repair issues in or around your home that need handling prior to listing it for sale. Signing up with a reputable and reliable real estate agency like Kime Realty, you’ll receive a FREE pre-list home inspection by a full-time professional inspector and FREE handyman services with up to 4 hours of contractor time to identify and rectify such problems and get your home ready for sale.

You must take care of any issues in your home, including broken switches, faulty locks, missing ties, broken fence posts, faulty plumbing, and so on. Everything should be in good working condition unless you plan to sell your property ‘as is’ for less.

Conduct Some Market Research

To get a good idea of an effective listing price, look at similar properties in your area and research what prices they’ve most recently sold for. Scheduling a consultation with a trusted local real estate agent is recommended since the number of comparable homes available in your area, along with an honest assessment of the state and quality of your house are also an important part of strategic home selling

Set a Suitable Listing Date

Housing markets experience surges and dips like many other industries. According to sales data from 2019, the best time of the year to list your house for sale is during the first half of May. This, however, may vary depending on which part of the country your property is located in. Whichever date you choose to list your home for sale, hosting an open house with gourmet desserts and beverages on your opening weekend is highly suggested, and another additional service offered by Kime Realty.

3 Months Ahead of the Listing Date

At this point, you should have a good grasp of your home’s condition with any major issues already handled. Now, you should be free and able to focus on these tasks:

Donate Unnecessary Items

Declutter your home by giving away or selling clothes, toys, furniture, appliances, and anything else you’re not actively using anymore. You might consider renting a storage space if necessary to hold things that you’re not ready yet to part with, but need to be removed from your home as part of the decluttering and staging process until you move.

Consider Repainting and Landscaping

A great way to dramatically increase your home’s curb appeal is to give it a new coat of paint. You might be pleasantly surprised at how much difference a fresh coat of paint makes. A FREE interior design consultation from Kime Realty would be especially helpful here.

Also, take a look at your front and backyard. Mowing the lawn, trimming hedges, and tidying things will significantly improve your home’s general aesthetics.

Get Your Paperwork in Order

Ensure you have all the permits, contracts, licenses, deeds, and so on to make your sale legal. Consult with a real estate agent or conveyance attorney if you have any questions, or make it easier on yourself and choose an agency like Kiem Realty and receive FREE legal advice and counsel from a board certified real estate attorney.

2 Weeks Before the Listing Date

Congratulations, you’ve now reached the last stage of the home selling preparation process! These are the last few things to do:

Take Professional Photographs

High-quality photos will put your listing in a far better light than you can capture on your smartphone. Invest in a good photographer to optimize your chances of catching the right buyer’s eye. A trusted and effective real estate agency like Southeast Michigan’s Kime Realty provides you FREE 3D virtual tours, videography, custom-tailored digital floor plans, a personalized home-specific website, and offers professional, high-end wide angle and aerial photography, and strategic targeted direct mailing: custom 2 or 4-page brochures dedicated to your home

Carry Out a Deep Cleaning Exercise

Lastly, an intensive, deep cleaning consisting of scrubbing and clearing out all of the cracks, crevices, nooks and crannies inside your home you might otherwise overlook during your regular everyday cleaning routine. It’s a good idea to bring in a professional cleaning service if you don’t have the time, skills, or equipment to do this independently.


Once everything is in place, all that will be left for you to do is set an appropriate schedule for house showings. Set your price and work with a trusted real estate agent to determine the details and logistics of your open house schedule.

If you have a property for sale around Metro-Detroit, don’t hesitate to make Kime Realty your first choice for friendly, efficient, and effective real estate support

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