Kime Realty “Call Capture” For Sale Sign

Kime Realty “Call Capture” For Sale Sign
Text For Info Technology

Why a “call capture system” FOR SALE sign is so important for your listing in Plymouth Canton Livonia real estate

Text ‘3D’ to (734) 562-0699 for Video Tour

What is the purpose of a real estate sign? Too many listing agents use their sign as a branding tool for their business, instead of a lead generation machine for your listing. Over 50% of home buyers initiate communication using the yard marketing system. At Kime Realty, for sale signs offer consumers a “text for info” system, which provides a link to the property’s video tour and photography gallery. In return, Kime Realty captures the consumer’s cell phone with 100% accuracy…and follows up with every inbound lead accordingly. Attention to details and always putting clients first…call Kime Realty today if we may be of service to you at (734) 446-5744.


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