Since Downtown Plymouth was founded in 1825, it has served as the center of commerce and social gathering for the city of Plymouth, MI. Downtown Plymouth is a diverse area steeped in art and culture. with its historic charm and unique attractions, shops, and restaurants. This location is particularly appealing for families because of its year-round events and festivals, such as Art-in-the-Park, the Ice Festival, Fall Festival, Chili Cook-Off, and Fourth of July Celebration, as well as popular hotspots, including the Penn Theatre, Plymouth Historical Museum, and Kellogg Park.

Popular Historical Sites and Attractions in Downtown Plymouth, MI

Downtown Plymouth boasts of several historical sites and attractions, one of which is the Plymouth Historical Museum, which features a late 19th-century Victorian recreation of Main Street. This museum also houses the largest Lincoln collection in the state of Michigan, as well as the Timeline of Plymouth, its latest permanent exhibit that features the Daisy Air Rifle, Ford Village Industries, the Alter Motor Car, World War II, and communication history.

Kellogg Park is the signature landmark of Downtown Plymouth, where residents enjoy leisure walks outdoors and picnics with their families. Chartered in 1867 from a land that was once owned by William Starkweather, Kellogg Park was later sold to John Kellogg. Today, the park is the site of numerous concerts and special events, including Art in the Park, the Ice Festival, the Plymouth Rotary Chicken BBQ.

Next stop, the Penn Theatre. It all began in 1926, when Woodward Theatre Company purchased a parcel of land in Downtown Plymouth from George H. Wilcox, with plans of building a first-class theatre. Thirteen years later, Harry Lush, an employee at the Penniman & Allen Theatre, bought the property from the Woodward Theatre Company and developed it into the iconic Penn Theatre that is now located across Kellogg Park. The Penn Theatre officially debuted on December 4, 1941, with “Weekend in Havana,” as the first film ever played in the theatre. The movie starred John Payne and Carmen Miranda.

Another popular spot in Downtown Plymouth is the Village of Plymouth Monument, a Michigan Historic Marker Site located between the City Hall and the Library. In 1979, a group from Plymouth, England led by Lord Mayor Frank Chapman went to Plymouth, Michigan’s 4th of July celebration to be part of the celebration of their victory in the Revolutionary War. The group brought a piece of the rock from the 1620 Mayflower dock in Plymouth, England to set as a monument commemorating the friendship between the two cities.

Shopping and Dining in Downtown Plymouth, MI

With over a hundred shops, food venues, salons, and spas, the saying, “It’s Not Just a Walk in the Park!” is definitely true for Downtown Plymouth. Shopping for gifts, furniture, home accessories, and jewelry is such a delight with so many shopping options in Downtown Plymouth. Many of the retail and commercial establishments within the town of Plymouth are found in the downtown district. These include stores at the Westchester Square Mall, Mayflower Center, and other commercial buildings along Main Street. After you are done hopping from one store to another, there are several salons and spas you can choose from to give you some pampering and relaxation.

There are so many food venues to satisfy whatever you are craving – go to Barrio Cocina y Tequileria for authentic Mexican food and tequila; Bigalora and Compari’s on the Park for mouthwatering Italian cuisine; Burger Spot for classic American grill; Cellar 849 Pizza e Vino for authentic Neopolitan style pizza; and Fiamma Grille for fine dining.


Seasonal and Year-Round Events in Downtown Plymouth, MI

Downtown Plymouth is best known for is its top-notch community events. Aside from the regular live music, movies, and other activities that happen throughout the year, over a hundred special events take place along the streets of Downtown Plymouth, including Plymouth Ice Festival, Art in the Park, Old Village Restaurant Crawl, Plymouth Fall Festival, Pumpkin Palooza, Christmas in Plymouth, July 4th Parade, and many more.

Schools Near Downtown Plymouth, MI

There are several reputable schools in the central part of the town, making Downtown Plymouth an excellent choice for those with children who are looking for a place to call their home. Some of the notable schools within the district include Central Middle School, West Plymouth Middle School, Bird Elementary School, among others. The three major high schools in Plymouth-Canton Educational Park are Salem High School, Plymouth High School, and Canton High School. These schools are also accessible to Downtown Plymouth residents.

Downtown Plymouth, MI Real Estate

Downtown Plymouth is the primary business and commercial center of the Township of Plymouth, Michigan. Main Street is home to several commercial properties that are available for rent to prospective business owners who are looking to start their own trade within the area.

Residential real estate options in this location range from mid-rise condominium buildings and apartment complexes to suburban neighborhoods that offer convenient access to the town center and major highways that connect to other business centers in the region. On average, the selling price of homes in Downtown Plymouth ranges from $220,000 to $1,250,000. The average size of properties are between 900 square feet and 12,000 square feet.

If you are in the market for a new home right in the heart of Plymouth, the downtown district is the perfect location for you. The marriage of old historic charm and modern community amenities makes Downtown Plymouth such an appealing place to settle in. Plus, the mix of property options in the area guarantees that there is at least one house that will suit your lifestyle and budget. If you would like to learn more about the houses for sale in Downtown Plymouth, feel free to give me a call at (734) 245-8555 or send me an email at info@kimerealty.com.