The Importance of Home Inspections When Buying or Selling a Home

The Importance of Home Inspections When Buying or Selling a Home

A home inspection is an important part of the process of buying or selling a home. This comprehensive examination of a property’s condition offers you the opportunity to spot difficulties with either a home you may wish to buy or the home you are hoping to sell. Whether you’re in the market for a new house or trying to sell a home of your own, an inspection can be vital to the transaction.

What is a Home Inspection?

A home inspection is a thorough investigation of a home’s condition. An inspector, preferably one who is certified in the practice, will examine the house’s current state of repair. The foundation, roof, and everything in between are surveyed and assessed for signs of damage or imminent need for repair.

Why a Home Inspection is Vital for Buying or Selling a House

Paying for an inspection of a home you want to buy is good defense against surprises later on. By the same token, if you’re selling a home, an inspection can also be informative in considering your approach to listing your home on the market.

  • When you’re buying a home, an inspection can disclose many issues that the untrained eye might not readily spot. A certified home inspector has both the expertise and the education to identify potential problems like electrical issues, plumbing problems, leaks, and other safety hazards that an otherwise casual look at the property may not pick up.
  • If you’re selling a home, an inspection can help you identify unseen issues that will require repairs before listing your home for sale. Taking this step can help ensure your closing process is smooth and without delay.
  • A home inspection can give both the home buyer and seller negotiating power during the property sale transaction. If issues are discovered during a home inspection, the buyer or seller can negotiate the cost of repairs or factor them into the purchase price. For example, if a home inspection reveals that the roof needs replacing, the buyer may be able to negotiate a lower price to reflect the cost of repairs. Alternatively, the seller may choose to have the necessary repairs made before putting the property on the market.
  • When you have a home inspection as a seller, you can offer potential buyers peace of mind. A home is the largest investment that most people make in their lifetime. An inspection can help ensure the investment is a good one. Knowing that a property has been thoroughly inspected and any issues have been identified and addressed can give buyers confidence in their decision to purchase a property, and helps speed up sales.
  • A home inspection can offer valuable information to both buyers and sellers, and can sometimes provide insight as to how best to maintain the property to prevent future issues. Buyers can learn about the maintenance required for the property and how to keep it in good condition.

Know Your Home Inspectors

Home inspectors in Michigan don’t need a license or certification to practice their trade. However, it is recommended that when you choose a home inspector, you select one who has obtained certification. This increases the likelihood you’re receiving the best information and most accurate data about the home in question.


Paying for a home inspection is important for both buyers and sellers. When you buy or sell your home with Kime Realty, you’ll receive a FREE pre-list home inspection by a full-time professional inspector. Don’t delay, start your own search today!

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