Beacon Hill Homes For Sale

Beacon Hill is a classic Plymouth neighborhood. The community is located south of M-14 and west of I-275. Beacon Hill is bordered by the neighborhoods of Emrick to the west and Old Salem to the east. North Territorial Road provides residents with an easy access to Downtown Plymouth, and many commercial and recreational attractions in the area. Golf courses and churches are especially plentiful in the area as well as shops and restaurants along Main Street to the east.

If you take a drive to Beacon Hill Homes For Sale, you’ll surely fall in love with the beautiful homes are large, established trees. These are some of the most sought after properties in Plymouth. Each home sits on a spacious lot with professionally landscaped front yards, mature trees throughout the neighborhood, and charming brick single-family homes. Each house features a large concrete driveway and an attached parking garage perfect for families with several vehicles. House designs also come with ample square footage featuring multiple bedrooms and baths, making them ideal for large families who need more space to grow. Homes in the area primarily have custom layouts with designs including colonial, Cape Cod, and ranch-style.

Beacon Hill Homes For Sale

Beacon Hill Sold Homes

Beacon Hill Homes for Sale
Beacon Hills Homes For Sale
Beacon Hill Homes for Sale

Discover Beacon Hill Homes for Sale, one of Plymouth’s most coveted neighborhoods, sometimes referred to as “Beacon Estates.” This desirable community offers an array of homes for sale in Beacon Hill, featuring 173 residences, predominantly Ranch and Colonial styles, ranging from 2,000 to 4,500 square feet. Each home in Beacon Hill is unique, showcasing a variety of architectural styles, while the neighborhood’s charm remains timeless. Construction in Beacon Hill spanned from the 1960s to 1991, creating a diverse range of homes for sale.

Diverse and Unique Homes

In Beacon Hill Homes for Sale, you’ll find a diverse mix of homes available for sale, with many featuring brick exteriors. No two homes look quite alike, making it an attractive and distinctive community. A significant number of properties in the neighborhood are nestled on cul-de-sacs, providing an added layer of privacy. Mature trees line the streets, enhancing the overall appeal and tranquility of the area.

Beacon Hill’s Rich History

Beacon Hill Homes for Sale, with its rich history, was envisioned and created by Loren W. Gould, a highly respected figure in Plymouth’s building landscape during the second half of the 20th century. Although Mr. Gould has since passed away, his legacy lives on in this remarkable neighborhood. Born and raised in Plymouth, he was a visionary entrepreneur with a remarkable sense of risk-taking and innovation. His influence extended into the development of Beacon Hill, a testament to his entrepreneurial spirit.

The Neighborhood Layout

The Beacon Hill community consists of courts and circles that provide privacy from home to home and yard to yard. This prime location is valued for its easy accessibility to town and is zoned within the sought-after Middle School West and Bird Elementary school district. Additionally, Beacon Hill is situated alongside Plymouth’s Township Park, offering residents a wonderful recreational space to enjoy.

Evolution of Beacon Hill

The first phase of Beacon Hill Homes for Sale was initiated with a 24-lot section in the early 1960s, marking a high-risk venture that ultimately transformed the community. This section featured one-acre minimum lot sizes and included sewer and water services, a pioneering concept at the time. Beacon Hill became the choice for long-time City of Plymouth residents in their 50s who sought custom-built homes with modern amenities, which their older homes couldn’t provide. Over the course of at least a decade, the first phase was built out.

The growth of Beacon Hill continued through the ’70s and ’80s with the addition of new phases that included larger parcels accessible from Ann Arbor Trail. The Beacon Hill name became a valuable symbol, adding to the cachet of the neighborhood. This remarkable development predates the M-14 expressway and the paving of Beck Road. At the time, no subdivisions existed west of Sheldon Road except for “Old Woodlore,” situated on the southeast corner of Beck and Ann Arbor Roads.

Experience the legacy of Beacon Hill by exploring the Beacon Hill homes for sale and embracing the history and charm of this timeless community.